This orbital sander moves very rapidly to produce an even sand.

The random action of this orbital sander removes the scratch patterns left by rotary or drum sanders, leaving a smooth and flat floor ready for refinishing.

At 3,000 orbits per minute, the machine sands faster than any other product of its kind. With torque-less operation for enhanced operator comfort, it's perfect for interim “screen and re-coat” and fine finish jobs.

To assist with longevity of this machine, a bristle dust skirt aids in dust containment. It also has a totally enclosed, fan cooled 750w motor to eliminate overheating and the need for motor cleaning. Furthermore, the dust pipe allows for easy attachment of 1-1/2 or 2 inch (3.8cm or 5cm) vacuum hoses for improved dust containment.

The American Sanders Orbital Sander 18” (OBS18DC) has a sanding pad size of 12x18” (305x460mm) and a sanding width of 12” (300mm). An optional extra is the American Sanders Dust Containment System 45L which you can view here.

Crommelins Machinery is a proud distributor for American Sanders in Australia. Please check with your local dealer for availability here today and view other great American Sanders products here.