Our Crommelins Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Unit is ready for action.

Our slide on, slide off fire fighting unit has been designed so you can spring into action in an emergency. They can also be utilised for general purpose watering such as water transfer, machinery wash down and tree watering.

Built to order, the unit is designed to be easily placed onto a 6x4 or 8x5 trailer or ute tray. There are three models to choose from and each include a 6.0hp Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump as standard. This can be viewed here.

Our Crommelins Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Units have a 6m suction hose with valve for filling from the dam. Furthermore, it has a recirculation hose with bypass valve back to the tank that ensures there is no over pressurisation of the pump but maintains water in the hoseline ready for action.

The Crommelins Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Unit 1000L weighs 1165KG when loaded with water and has the following dimensions: 1760x1500x1000mm. Due to the size of this unit, it only fits onto an 8x5 trailer. If you need one that fits onto a ute tray, please see our smaller models here.

As this is a customised product we are happy to work with you to create a model that suits your unique needs. Optional extras can include twin impeller pumps, Honda powered or Yanmar diesel powered and forklift pockets are just some of the customisations we are able to complete. Find your local dealer here to discuss options.