The Cromtech Outback Inverter Power Station 1.5kW is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures. Designed for camping, 4x4 trips, and caravan excursions, it provides 1,500W of pure sine wave power. Perfect for charging devices like smartphones, running mini coolers, and keeping your gadgets powered while you're on the go.

Introducing the Cromtech Outback Inverter Power Station 1.5kW – the quintessential companion for your next adventure.

Boasting 1,500W pure sine wave technology, this power station delivers stable and reliable power to an array of essential devices,such as mini coolers and smartphones. What sets it apart is its ability to handle up to 11 devices simultaneously through its multiple output ports, ensuring you're always connected and charged up.

Equipped with three versatile charging options, you have the flexibility to recharge this power station virtually anywhere and at any time. With an AC fast charger, MC4 solar charging cable, Anderson Type cable, and 12-volt socket, you can draw power from a variety of sources.

A standout feature is the Battery Rescue Activation Port, a unique solution to revive a depleted battery (and the BMS has gone into self-protection mode) that's been in storage for an extended period, preventing any downtime when you need it most.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, this power station features an LCD smart screen for easy monitoring and peace of mind. It also features BMS protection and Inverter Protection.

Interested in getting one for your next outback adventure? Have a chat with our friendly customer service team to find out more about the Cromtech Outback Inverter Power Station!