Winter Camping Generator

With International travel banned, and interstate travel still a little risky, options for holidays are limited. More and more people took to camping last summer but what about this winter? Whether you’re a hardened camper or trying it for the first time, here’s our guide to win at winter camping.

Survive by…

Taking a few minutes and consider where to pitch your tent. Sounds obvious but try to camp away from the elements! Pick a spot that is sheltered from the wind, gets the morning sun and is on flat ground to avoid potential puddles!

Keeping yourself warm and dry. This is easier said than done. Keeping warm is essential to make sure you actually have a holiday rather than a wet wash out!

  • Invest in quality outdoor gear. A reliable outdoor jacket, not only keeps you dry but also blocks the wind, increasing your warmth ten-fold! And let’s not forget the main event! The value of good quality tent (that’s pitched correctly!) can’t be understated. Trust us.
  • Layers, layers, layers. Bring plenty of layers to wear AND to sleep on! Adding layers and insulation between you and the cold ground significantly reduces heat loss. To stay toasty at night, put a tarp beneath your tent, use a mattress, and pick a sleeping bag with the right temperature rating.
  • Keep your extremities covered – remember to bring thick socks, gloves and a beanie!

Cooking hot, hearty food. Your body needs extra fuel when it’s cold. Bring plenty of soups, stews or other hearty meals to keep you warm. Hot drinks can instantly pep you up on a cold day. Did anyone say hot chocolate? Yes please!

Thrive by…Bringing a camping generator!

With less light and colder weather, electronics get way more use during winter camping, and cold weather drains batteries much quicker. Bringing a generator takes comfort to the next level! Cromtech Outback generators make camping a “home away from home”. They’re powerful, compact and light – the perfect camping companion. Two power options are available and they can power appliances from kettles to fridges. So whether you need lights for the darker nights, a heater to keep you warm, or iPads charged for rainy-day entertainment to keep the kids happy, make sure to bring the Cromtech Outback Generator, you won’t regret it!

What are your camping hacks? We would love to hear them!