Fire emergencies are unpredictable and can become out of control very quickly- this is where fire pumps come in. Fire pumps are an essential tool in your arsenal to stop fire from spreading. However, there are countless options, so we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you find the right one for your needs. We’ll outline everything you need to know about fire pumps, the different types, and how to maintain them so you can stay safe and protect your assets this summer!

What Does a Portable Fire Pump Do?

Portable fire pumps are high-powered pumps that propel water to a specific point from a water source at high pressure and flow rates to combat fires. A portable power pump is an essential tool when it comes to firefighting efforts, especially in an area where a fixed water supply is not available or not sufficient.

What are the Different Types?

When it comes to fire pumps, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Choosing the right fire pump for you depends on your needs and application. You will need to select your power source (such as diesel and petrol firefighting pumps) and whether you need a  single or twin impeller. Crommelins Machinery offers a variety of fire pumps that are suitable for various scenarios. Let’s discuss each type:

Choosing the Power Source for Your Fire Pump 

Diesel & Petrol Fire Pumps

Diesel and petrol fire pumps are durable and don’t need to be connected to power, making them the best pumps for situations where a reliable power supply may not be available or in a power outage. This is a common occurrence in areas affected by bushfires. These pumps are commonly used in rural areas and construction sites.

The Cromtech Twin Impeller Pump Diesel 5.3hp is a robust pump and ideal for farm use, from transferring water between dams and ponds to fighting fire. With a total head of 75m, a water flow rate of 250L per minute, and a formidable 5.3hp Cromtech diesel engine, you’ll have a reliable water supply even in challenging conditions. It’s also backed by a 1-year Cromtech warranty.

For a petrol alternative, try the Cromtech Fire Fighting Pump Petrol Single Impeller. It’s perfect for fire fighting and even washing down machinery at high pressures. It comes with a total head of 50m, an impressive 370 L per minute flow rate, a Cromtech petrol engine, and a 1-year Cromtech warranty.

Single versus Twin Impeller Fire Pumps

The difference between the single and twin impellers on fire pumps is the total head and maximum water flow rate. The single impeller has less total head but a higher flow rate, meaning its pressure output is lower- making them ideal for water transfer and agricultural purposes.

The Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump Petrol Single Impeller 6.0hp is a lightweight, versatile solution where portability is critical. It has a total head of 60m and a water flow maximum of 360L per minute. It’s fitted with a 6.0hp Robin engine and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

The twin impeller has a higher total head but with a reduced water flow rate. It’s great for higher-pressure situations where water needs to be delivered at a significant distance or with greater force, such as larger fires or pumping water up a hill.

The Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump Petrol Twin Impeller 6.0hp is perfect for tackling heavy-duty jobs. It guarantees high-pressure performance with a total head of 90m and a flow rate of 300L per minute. It comes with a 6.0hp Robin engine and a 2-year warranty.

Fire Pump Maintenance

With fire pumps being a critical equipment, fire pump maintenance is important to ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance ensures your fire pump is ready to go when an emergency strikes. It’s essential you do this well before fire season gets here!

Below, we have provided a simple 3-step fire pump maintenance checklist which includes engine maintenance, pump maintenance, and hose maintenance. You can also watch our tutorial on how to maintain fire pumps here.

Why Choose Crommelins Machinery?

When it comes to fire safety, Crommelins Machinery has been offering high-quality fire pumps for the Australian industry since 1958. We understand that each customer’s requirements are unique, which is why we offer a range of customisations. Backed by a strong service network across Australia, you’re never too far away from support and assistance.

Don’t wait until an emergency strikes – be proactive in safeguarding your assets with a fire pump. Ready to take the next step? Find your nearest Crommelins Machinery dealer today.

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