2 year warranty Cromtech Outback

The Cromtech Outback CTG2500i is one of our top 10 bestsellers, and it has been tried and tested since its inception. We recently celebrated its 6th birthday and thought we needed to do something to celebrate this special occasion, so as of Monday 25th April 2022, the Cromtech Outback CTG2500i will come with an extended 2-year warranty! The new 2-year warranty reflects the confidence we have in the reliability and durability of this generator and, of course, to celebrate one of our number one products.  

All Cromtech Outback CTG2500i generators sold after the 25th April 2022 will be honoured with the 2-year warranty.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the warranty change.

Happy Birthday to our Cromtech Outback!