Fuji Heavy Industries will be merging the Subaru Industrial Products Division with the Automotive Division by September 2017.

As part of this merger it is their intention to cease manufacture of their “in-house” industrial products. However, the manufacture of Subaru/Robin engines (EY/EX etc.) will continue through their existing joint venture partners and third party manufacturers including the provision of spare parts. The full details of these engines including branding etc. will be finalised over the coming months as we approach the September 2017 deadline.

CROMMELINS will continue to act as the Australian Distributors for Subaru Industrial Products providing our high level of service and support, including the provision of spare parts and service for the foreseeable future and it is our intention to carry sufficient spare parts going forward to meet market requirements ensuring that you will continue to get the maximum lifecycle from our equipment. CROMMELINS has also secured ongoing access to these engines and is working with the manufacturers and FHI on suitable branding for the Australian market.

It is business as usual at CROMMELINS and in fact we are confident this will create opportunities to further transform the business as we continue to diversify our product offering. It will also now provide us with the opportunity to supply you our quality products powered with your choice of engine.

We will continue to update you over the coming months as more details are provided to us but rest assured you will continue to receive the high level of service from CROMMELINS that you have over the past 58 years.

For more information contact CROMMELINS head office, thank you for your ongoing support.