Folding handle compactor, Diesel Yanmar engine.

This Crommelins Plate Compactor CC70YDT comes with a folding handle and wheel kit. It is built to industry best standards and will make moving the compactor simple to transport and store. The Yanmar diesel engine makes it the choice for general contractors where petrol cannot be used, such as mine sites. Features include folding handles for easy storage and transport. The plate size is 610x460mm. It also has fold-out wheels for moving on-site. Vibration to the operator is reduced by the soft-grip handle. And also powered by a reliable Yanmar diesel engine. The compactor will withstand the heavy demand by rental companies and contractors to provide outstanding performance and longevity. A Crommelins compactor is a perfect choice for any trade. Assembled and tested in Australia, the compactor also comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.