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Electric, Petrol and Diesel Pressure Cleaners for Residential, Trade, Commercial, Industrial, Hire and Construction Industry.

WHY CHOOSE A CROMMELINS PRESSURE CLEANER Crommelins Petrol, Diesel and Electric Powered high-pressure cleaners are power packed to rapidly and effectively wipe out all the washing, degreasing,...

Crommelins Petrol, Diesel and Electric Powered high-pressure cleaners are power packed to rapidly and effectively wipe out all the washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting problems that are part of every working day in commercial and industrial situations. Crommleins manufactures high quality pressure cleaners for the Trade, Commercial and Industrial markets.

  • For the Home - Strip paint flakes off exterior walls and garden furniture, bring brick paving and limestone back to new after winter, wash grease and oil from driveways, clean gutters and pergolas.
  • For Industry - Clean agricultural equipment and other machinery, remove paint flake, use them for any job where high pressure water cleaning is needed.


Crommelins are the distributors for AR Blue Clean, the trade mark of Annovi Reverberi an Italian manufacturer famous for their innovative range of quality and reliable domestic, industrial and commercial High Pressure Cleaners.

Annovi Reverberi has been producing high pressure pumps for Industrial, Hire, Agriculture and DIY Industries since 1958, manufacturing over 1 million high quality pumps per year. Crommelins is now a chosen Australian representative of AR, a formidable team, both 54 years strong! As with our commitment to high quality products, all AR pumps are manufactured using high quality alloys, brass, stainless steel and ceramics ensuring performance and longevity.

Crommelins presents a full range of Trade, Light Industry, Industrial and Commercial Italian made Pressure Cleaners, that are electric (single and three phase) powered, a wide variety of accessories and spare parts.

AR Blue Clean Pressure Cleaners have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and are supported with Crommelins award winning backup and service.

All Crommelins and AR Blue Clean Pressure Cleaners are fitted with quality AR pumps.

There are two types that are used:

  1. Triplex Pump with con-rod driven plungers or pistons (ceramic or hardened stainless steel), is fitted with a brass pump manifold and is either High Speed driven directly by engine or low speed - utilising a 2:1 reduction gear box.
  2. Axial Pumps (Wobble Plate) have hardened stainless steel plungers which are activated by an internal wedge shaped drive plate. They come with a pressure relief valve and a brass pump manifold.
  • Crommelins Annovi Reverberi Pressure Cleaner
    Built to Crommelins specifications by Annovi Reverberi this Pressure Cleaner is a quality built at a really keen price. Features include 2100w single phase motor, 2030psi, 7L/min, all metal pump, steel braided high pressure hose with external hose reel. Included with the Pressure Cleaner is a...

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  • Crommelins Trade Pressure Cleaner - CPV Range
    This extremely popular range of Pressure Cleaners are built with AR Pumps for the light industrial market. Assembled and Tested in Australia, the Crommelins CPV range are powred by either a 6.0hp, 7.0hp or 8.5hp Subaru engine which provide constant rpm for continuous reliable flow of pressure....

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  • Crommelins Commercial Petrol Pressure Cleaner
    Assembled and Tested in Australia and using reliable genuine petrol Subaru engines and Italian AR Pumps these CPC Pressure Cleaners suit Rental, Hire, Mining, Agricultural or any market where high pressure water cleaning is needed and are designed for use where long periods of high-pressure...

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  • Crommelins Commercial Diesel Pressure Cleaner
    CROMMELINS™ Diesel Pressure Cleaners are suited for Mining and jobs where diesel is preferred. Diesel Pressure Cleaners can be fully equiped with bunding, safety stop, fire extinguisher, plant numbering and any Mine Specifications required on site. All Crommelins CPC models feature:...

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  • AR Blue Clean Trade Pressure Cleaner
    These 1900psi and 2300psi, single phase, electric powered, pressure cleaners are for the Tradesman, Hire and Home User markets. These Italian made pressure cleaners have many optional accessories. Standard Features: Heavy Duty Gun & High pressure hose Built-in hose reels(AR595A...

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  • AR Blue Clean Industrial Pressure Cleaner
    These stainless steel, 1900psi to 2900psi, hot & cold, single & three phase, electric powered, pressure cleaners are for the Hire, Commercial and Industrial markets. Standard Features: Stainless steel frame, cover, boiler cover and control box Triplex pump with brass head and...

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  • Pressure Cleaner Accessories
    Select Pressure Cleaner acessories from a large range of brushes, nozzles, lances, filters, extension hoses and much more to help make the job quicker and easier.

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