Process large amounts of material with the Mace SupaScreen Sifter.

The compact portable SupaScreen is ideal for sifting soils and aggregates. It will help to cut down on landfill, reducing the number of vehicle movements and generally reduce the environmental impact of construction and building. The SupaScreen is ideal for landscaping, building and construction. Simply place the material to be screened onto the mesh, either by hand or more efficiently by a digger. The material then vibrates through the chosen mesh size whilst clearing the larger stone or clumps off to another area. Screen meshes are available in sizes to suit your requirements and are easily interchanged. Three meshes are supplied with each machine as standard. Additional screens can be purchased as an optional extra. Screens range in size from 6mm-50mm. Speak to your local supplier here for more information. The SupaScreen is most efficient when used with Shifta conveyors to clear the screened product into a stockpile and the larger stones into another pile. Please view the Mace Portable Shiftas here. This product is currently unavailable as a new and improved model is under way. Watch this space for more information soon!