Trusted and reliable portable conveyor.

This Shifta is a portable conveyor used for moving rubble, aggregate, soils, concrete and chippings.The lightweight aluminium frame makes it very portable and easily managed by one person on site. However, with its tough rubber troughed belt, a heavy-duty detachable hopper and optional side skirts it’s large enough to convey a large amount of and bulky material.With this level of flexibility, the Mace Shifta Portable Conveyor is popular among hire companies, building and construction, as well as landscapers.Furthermore, it is great on challenging terrains with a machine stand for stability and the ability to be used by one operator for any load up to an incline of 45 to 50 degrees depending on the product being moved. It stands at a height of 56 centimetres when lowered. Including handles, its maximum width is 62 centimetres.It also has a three-phase motor and electronic inverter which converts to your single phase supply. The fastest running speed is 28 metres per minute and the slowest is 20 metres per minute. For safety, this machine is fitted with two large emergency stop buttons.Our SHIFTA3 model has a conveyor length of 3200mm, a conveyor width of 300mm and weighs 103kg. It can shift a maximum of 60 tonnes per hour. For other dimensions or similar products please view our complete range of Mace Portable Conveyors here.Note: This is an imported product. Extended lead times for delivery may apply.