Long lasting stainless steel drum vacuum.

This robust 30L heavy duty vacuum is perfectly paired with all plaster board sanders. However, it is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our Dry Wall Sander which you can view here. When used in conjunction with our Dry Wall Sander it will result in a virtually dust free sanding environment. The unit even automatically switches on and off with the power sander. The item can also be used independently as a wet and dry all purpose vacuum. It’s powerful 1400 watt motor and long lasting stainless steel drum is ideal for plaster board sanding and general clean up. The unit comprises reusable cloth bags, accessories and floor tools kit. This includes attachments for wet vacuuming, vacuuming carpets, vacuuming smooth surfaces, as well as a gap nozzle, hose adaptor, base nozzle with attachments and telescopic tube.