Stackable, light weight and compact carpet dryers.

Our range of Cromtech industrial carpet dryers are well suited to professional carpet cleaning, flood remediation and rental. All units are low amperage running and have a large air output for quick drying. The 1000w model is our largest model in the range providing the biggest air flow. Suitable for most applications including household and commercial activity, this product can also dry floors, walls and ceilings. Also known as an air mover, this device still offers stackability and is quiet to operate but being our largest model has 3x adjustable speed control and 3800CFM (air displacement). Clipping onto the front for increased air diversion, a Snout attachment [SNAK] is an optional extra that is sold separately. Contact your local dealer here for more information and availability. All of our Cromtech products come with a 1 year Cromtech warranty.