As more and more companies import and sell ready-made Compactors, Crommelins Compactors are still being assembled and tested in Australia, in WA.

Crommelins have four main models, all featuring soft-grip handles to reduce hand vibration, a Subaru powered engine (petrol and diesel) with 3 year engine warranty, 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, lifting hooks for transport and protective engine frames.

The CC60R Compactor is designed for smaller jobs and has a folding handle and wheels allowing it to be transportable and easily fit in the boot of a car.

The CC70R & CC90R Compactors are the most popular model that Crommelins sell and both have reversible handles, the CC70R can also be diesel powered and has a central mounted exciter. The CC90R is for multi-purpose use as it includes a front clamp for fitting an isolation mat for compacting on brick work and has a front mounted exciter.

The CC92R Compactor is the heaviest model (102kg) and is designed to reduce dust while compacting (using its 9L water tank and front spray bar), it is also easily transportable with fold-down wheels.