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WHY CHOOSE A CROMMELINS GENERATOR? Crommelins have been building generators for more than 50 years. Today they sell over 40 different petrol and diesel powered models. Built specifically for...

Crommelins have been building generators for more than 50 years. Today they sell over 40 different petrol and diesel powered models.

Built specifically for Australian conditions, the CROMMELINS brand generators are powered by SUBARU Industrial Engines. The company is also the Australian distributor of the imported range of SUBARU Generators, some featuring the latest in silent inverter technology; all are compliant with the EPA phase 2 regulations USA.

Crommelins Machinery has been a preferred supplier of generators to the Australian Hire Industry for more than 40 years, recognition of their build quality, long life and performance. All Crommelins Machinery products are test run to specifications before delivery at either their Perth facility or at the FHI factory.

Both CROMMELINS and SUBARU Generators are backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. All SUBARU Industrial Engines are covered by a 3 year warranty. Both CROMMELINS and SUBARU brand products are supported Australia wide by an award winning spare parts and after sales service acknowledged as an industry best.

Hire Pack, Mine Spec, Petrol or Diesel. The range of CROMMELINS brand generators allow for the inclusion of industry specific options that meet all on site requirements. Refer to the Petrol and Diesel generators page for more information.

Choosing the correct alternator is important; the information below is provided as a guide to help match the alternator to the application.

STANDARD (Condenser Type): The standard generator with a condenser type voltage control is suitable for power tools and resistive loads such as a kettle, a toaster, lights and other equipment not requiring a great accuracy of power supply. A simple low maintenance design for basic equipment.

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation): For use when power is required for more sensitive equipment and when the generator will be used to start electric motors. An AVR alternator provides a more stable voltage output to compensate for the variation in voltage from load changes.

INVERTER (Electronic Voltage Control): For use with sensitive equipment such as computers, the inverter control system maintains an extremely high accuracy level of voltage and frequency fluctuation with very low wave distortion. This system also allows for the engine speed to be automatically adjusted in direct proportion to the load applied maximizing fuel efficiency, while maintaining 240v (50 cycles) supply.

All CommelinsGenerators feature a 3 Year Subaru Engine Warranty and 2 Year Manufacturers' warranty.

  • Cromtech™ Leisure Generators
    For 60 years Crommelins have been building generators and have hand selected this range of quality inverter generators for the recreational and domestic industry. These generators come with multiple power options including 230V AC, USB and 12V power, are petrol powered, come with an eco-mode...

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  • Cromtech™ Generator Range
    Introducing the new CROMTECH™ range of petrol generators, a high quality, simple, no fuss unit designed for general purpose use. Assembled and tested in our Australian factory, the range is powered by genuine Subaru industrial engines ensuring outstanding performance. The low...

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  • Cromtech™ Welder Generator
    The new 200amp CROMTECH™ welder generators is a simple no fuss unit assembled and tested in our Australian factory. The range is powered by Subaru or Honda engine and the low maintenance Italian Mecc Alte Alternator comes with overload protection. The Australian made steel roll frame...

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  • Crommelins Petrol Generator
    Crommelins has been building generators for more than 50 years. The Crommelins range of petrol generators are sized from 2000 to 10000 watts and will power most equipment for the Hire, Agricultural, Construction Industries, and also recreational markets. Crommelins Generators comes standard...

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  • Crommelins Diesel Generator
    Crommelins Diesel Generators are low maintenance heavy duty industrial generators suitable for situations when it is not practical to have petrol powered generators, such as Mining, Oil Industries, Boating and Marine applications. With the added benefit that diesel fuel is more economical than...

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  • Crommelins Standby Generators
    Crommelins have put the big brand names you can trust together and now offer standby generator sets powered by Japanese Kubota water cooled diesel engines, Stamford alternators with Deep Sea controllers all in a heavy duty compact silenced canopy. This range is ideal for most of those work...

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  • Crommelins Petrol & Diesel Welder Generator
    Crommelins Welder Generators & Workstations are designed to be used as a mobile workshop or placed in Utes and Traybacks. They can feature; Welding, Air Compressor, Power Generation and also Battery Charging. These units come with 2 Years Manufacturer's warranty on Generator, 3 years Subaru...

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  • Subaru Petrol Generators RGX
    Crommelins offers 5 Subaru RGX generator models! Ranging from 2400 watts up to 6700 watts. These Heavy Duty generators provide Industrial strength power for agricultural, building and construction, council work and hire plant rental companies. All models feature long range fuel tanks to...

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  • Subaru Portable Petrol Invertor Generator
    A must to have on hand - high performance Subaru portable generator for the great outdoors! This Model R1700i portable power pack will ensure trouble free holidaying, camping, caravanning, boating and 4WDriving. It can operate all the basics such as caravan fridges &  freezers,...

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  • Subaru Silent Petrol Inverter Generator
    Subaru 'RGi' Silent Inverter Series are designed to run all your sensitive electronic equipment like computers, tv's, dvd players and medical equipment. The 1650w (R1700i Portable unit) , 3200w and 4300w Inverter control system (Electronic voltage control) achieves high quality output with less...

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  • Subaru V-Twin Petrol Generators
    These superior generators are built with V-Twin Engines, offering renowned performance and reliability. The Subaru V-Twins deliver high power with smooth, reliable torque, improved breathing at high rpm, and low fuel consumption, compared to conventional side-valve engines. The RGV range...

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  • Generator Accessories
    Customise your Generator at time of manufacture with a range of extra optioning and accessories. Add a Hire Pack, Mine-Spec, Electric Start, Long Range Fuel Tank, or a whole range of individaul options to suit your industry. Note: Crommelins Brand generators are mainly suited to retro...

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